Completed Tours.

Kanha - June 2019 (Group 5)

This was an end of season tour with lot to rains from the day of arrival. Nothing much was expected from the trip. Very lucky to sight 3 tigers from Mukki zone with an excellent sighting, head-on on the tracks -Chota Munna (The King of Kanha). Special Thanks to Mr.Iqbal and Amol from Kanha Meadows

Pench - June 2019 (Group 2)

Like minded group with all in their 60's, exploring wildlife. Real Enthusiast for Birds and an expert Birder. Due to rains, the sighting got disturbed, still managed to sight 2 Tigers, cubs of the famous Langdi Tigress at Turia. Thanks to Mr. Sandeep from Tribal Camp for his hospitality.

Kanha - June 2019 (Group 4)

A small group who traveled to Kanha National Park for the first time. Didn't expect much as wanted to enjoy the trip, got amazing sighting of 3 tigers, leopard, sloth bear and may species of birds and other animals. Special thanks to Mr. Raghuvanshi and Md. Moin from Mogli Resort.

Bandhavgarh - June 2019

This was among the best wildlife trip for this season. Total 10 members in this group who got the sightings of 14 individual tigers with a total 22 sightings. Amazing shots and moments captured by the group. Special thanks to Mr. Inderpal from Sun Resort for his extended support.

Kanha - May 2019 (Group 3)

A Wildlifer's tour is always a special one, with lot of patience and urge to explore. Excellent tiger sighting of Chota Munna, Dhawajhandi female, Mahaveer, Umarpani Male, Choti mada and Naina tigress.Coming back from Kanha after so many tiger sightings is an absolute success. Special thanks to Mr. Dinesh Makhija from Motel Chandan for his hospitality.

Kanha - May 2019 (Group 2)

A family tour to Kanha National Park, good sighting of Tiger Chota Munna and Dhawajandi Female at Mukki. Many species of mammals and birds. The family enjoyed a lot and had a great time at the Resort. Special thanks to Mr. Moin from Mogli Resort, Kanha.

Ranthambhore - May 2019

This group consisted of members from Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Excellent tiger sighting of T-19 aka Krishna with her 3 full grown sub-adult cubs for two hours, Noorie, daughter of the famous tigress Noor, Jai at zone 6. Amazing pics take by some of the members, the same has been posted in the gallery section. Kids enjoyed their first trips to RTR, enjoyed by the pool with nice hospitality from Hotel Ananta Palace.

Pench - May 2019 (Group 1)

Two separate groups did our Pench Summer Tour. Lot of actions with nice tiger sighting of Baras, at Khursapar, Bhakari Male at Sillari gate and Collarwali aka Mataram at Turia. Also jackal and vultures on kill.
Nice video made by one memeber. Please check the videos on You Tube from the link : YouTube :- Special thanks to Mr. Shivraj from Jalsa Resort and Mr. Sandeep Singh from Pench Tiger Camp.

Kanha - May 2019 (Group 1)

Our guests from Nagpur had a great time on their trip to Kanha National Park. They sighted Chota Munna, son of the legendary tiger - Munna, Dhawajhandi Female, Tigress - Naina. Good sighting of male female on the road, with head on shots and videos. Also sighting of Sloth Bear, Barasingha, different species of mammals and birds. Courtsey to Mr.Dinesh Makhija for hosting at Motel Chandan, with comfortable stay and nice food.

Bandhavgarh - April 2019

As usual, Bandhavgarh give you the best tiger sightings during summer. In 6 safaris we saw 11 different tigers, namely Kajri, Spotty, Solo with 2 cubs, Darraha male cub, Chakardhara cubs and Bheem (the biggest male of Bandhavgarh). Apart from tigers, we sighted 4 different species of vultures, Indian Gaur, different species of birds and mammals. Had nice time at The Sun Resort with exclusive pool party and delicious food.

Ranthambhore - April 2019

Initially it was quiet disappointing when first few safaris went blank without sighting of any tiger, but the following safaris paid off well with sighting of T-42, Fateh, the biggest male tiger of Ranthambhore, T-13's Female Cub, Jai and Veeru, full grown male sub-adults of T-8, Laadli, Krishna and her 3 sub-adult cubs. We also witnessed a leopard making a kill of spotted deer. Had nice time at Ranthambhore National Resort.

Bandhavgarh - December 2018

After a long time a winter trip to Bandhavgarh was organized under the title 'Winter Roar'. At a temperature below 5 degree in the forest, it becomes very difficult to spot these big cats, still we managed to witness the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. A sub-adult male, who came to quench his thirst. What an amazing sighting it was, we also tracked several tiger pug marks and barely missed to spot the elusive. We also managed to see two leopards and several other animals and birds. It was a nice and cozy stay at the resort with great food along with the bonfire at night. We wish to organize similar trip to Bandhavgarh and other National Parks this winter.

Ranthambore - April 2018

We had a very successful trip to Ranthambore in April. Spotted 3 tigers including Cubs of T-8 aka Jai and Veeru in Zone -6 and Arrowhead in Zone -3. Apart from Tigers, we sighted different species of mammals and birds. We also went for Ranthambore Fort tour, our guide explained us in detail about the History of RTR and Fort. We also had lots of fun at our resort, relaxed at the swimming pool, went back with us sweet memories .